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SICLOPE - Sistema Integrado de Controle de Operações


The SICLOPE (Sistema Integrado de Controle de Operações meaning Integrated System of Control of Operations) was developed in a modular way in order to meet the needs of our customers in the most optimal way possible.

The solution was designed to guarantee information available, problem knowledge, speed and assertiveness for decision-making and management of business risks, labor and environmental areas, focusing on strengthening the preventive culture and legal compliance. The result is the reduction of the quantitative time and consequently, the increase of the qualitative time.

“The SICLOPE is not born ready, it will be built every day with our customers”.

Edmar Rezende / CEO

Our modules

Our clients

“Sobre o SICLOPE:

– Melhor gerenciamento de atividades a serem executadas;
– Registro de informações pertinentes a um determinado serviço.

Sobre a ERPLAN:

– Apoio de informações quanto ao SICLOPE;
– Treinamento sobre a utilização do mesmo;
– Suporte técnico eficaz.”

Samara P. de Souza
AAS Engenharia Ambiental e de Segurança Ltda.

Expertise and Technology

Expertise in HSE

ERPLAN has a team of professionals with extensive experience and technical skills to conduct projects in industrial management, occupational safety, health and the environment with practical knowledge on the topics and in the management.

Management Solutions

The project transforms the entire management already undertaken by the organization in available and customized information with just a ”click”. This way you and your managers have the prepared and necessary information for the decision making process.

Cloud computing

It lets you access SICLOPE anywhere with safety and comfort. You can also get a BI with critical analysis with the PC or mobile version for your decision making process.


Integrated Project – The SICLOPE, is provided natively in SaaS (software as a service) and therefore does not require investments in any IT equipment in the customer’s structure model. It requires only an Internet communication link to access.


Ready for use on multiple platforms, giving managers the assurance of having the prepared information on the available technology

Simplified usability

Allows the user to get prepared information in the palm of his hand, simple but necessary for decision-making and risk management process.