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Welcome to ERPLAN

We are a technology company focused on Health and Safety at Work, Environment and Quality. We were born from the fusion of professionals with decades of experience in HSE engineering, management and technology.

We ourselves propose continually and in real time, to help our customers to get more answers, increase productivity, assertiveness and, consequently, reduce risks, problems, errors and costs.

Our greatest commitment is to optimize processes, prevent risks and increase the quality of time management, with the consequent improvement of decision making. We engage sectors and connect people, sharing responsibilities and increasing speed of action.


To consolidate and strengthen a culture of prevention, based on connection and involvement of people. Because life is not negotiable.


Using technology to organize, optimize and automate the HSE routine, connecting people and ensuring access in real time to relevant information to all organizational levels.


Digital platform - SICLOPE, made up of software and applications, specialized in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality processes.


We are innovation, technology and practicality. Together, we are more than 50 years of experience in management solutions and over 15 years in the market.

Edmar Rezende

Edmar Rezende

CEO - Presidente Executivo
Marco Guinter

Marco Guinter Alberton

CTO - Diretor de Tecnologia
Bruno do Val Benes

Bruno do Val Benes

CMO - Diretor de Marketing
Fabio Aguido

Fabio Aguido

CFO - Diretor Financeiro

Time de Engenharia SSMAQ

Time de Tecnologia

Times Marketing, Comercial e Administrativo